3 Shocking Myths about Sleep That Are Depriving You of Your Life Energy

By Toby Wong / Creator of The Wonderful Sleep System

MYTH #1 "If you sleep longer, you'll be more awake and have more energy in your life."

TRUTH: Sleeping Longer ROBS You of Energy and Damages your Sleeping System.

There are several reasons why sleeping longer damages your sleep system. What most people don't know is that there is a very important element of your inner sleep clock which is prior wakefulness. When you sleep longer you limit your prior wakefulness which puts stress on a number of other factors such us your melatonin hormone levels, your exposure to sunlight, and your body temperature rhythm.

Getting longer sleep or "catching up on sleep" only weakens your sleep system, which in turn can even lower your immune system. The common belief that trying to sleep less makes you tired and low on energy is simply because people don't understand how the bio-temperature rhythms work.

MYTH #2 You need to "Catch Up on Sleep" if you missed some before.

TRUTH: Unless you...

Unless you go on a huge sleep deprivation marathon, you do not need to "catch up on sleep". It is only during the first 3 - 4 hours of sleep that we experience most of State 3 and Stage 4 sleep. Sleeping longer than you usually do isn't physically beneficial to you in anyway, and puts your body temperature rhythm out of balance.

MYTH #3 "I feel so low on energy, I Must Get More Sleep"

TRUTH: More Sleep DOES NOT Provide You With more Energy!

You don't need MORE sleep, you need QUALITY sleep.
People think that sleep is a very basic thing. We don't really think about it do we? We sleep, we wake up, and we magically feel refreshed, don't we?

In truth, sleep is actually quite a complex and fascinating system that most of us take for granted. Because most of us don't understand how our inner sleep system works, we aren't even aware of all the actions we're taking in our lives that are damaging our sleep systems and depriving us of energy.

There is a difference between more sleep and quality sleep. The only way to make your sleep more physically energizing is to learn about the inner science of sleep! Only once you learn how to optimize your sleeping system for maximum performance, can you try to reduce your sleep.

In sum, it’s the quality of sleep that counts, not how long you sleep. Some people only sleep 6 hours a day but still feel awesome simply because they experience much deep sleep than those who spend 10 hours in bed.

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