Angelina Jolie Used Black Magic to Lure Brad Pitt

By James Wray
Monsters and Critics

Hollywood diva Angelina Jolie has reportedly given actor Brad Pitt a vial of gray powder to ward off accidents. According to the New York Daily times, it was discovered in the glove compartment of Pitt’s car by a close friend. Pitt later revealed to his friend that the vial contained the remnants of a bat.

Is Jolie working voodoo on Brad?

Doktor Snake, whose “Voodoo Spellbook” is a cult best-seller in the U.S. and out recently in the U.K., thinks so.

“That vial sounds suspiciously like a voodoo ‘mojo hand’, or magical charm,” says Snake.

He is skeptical, however, that the charm is for warding off accidents, saying that voodoo spells using ingredients from bats are usually used in workings of black magic.

“One dark voodoo spell uses Bat’s Heart Incense which is burnt to break up a love affair or marriage - very ominous in the light of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s split,” says Snake.

The good doctor goes on to predict that we should expect a marriage announcement from Pitt and Jolie during 2005 - and an announcement that the couple will be having twins.

“These things are written in the tides of fate, if you know how to interpret them,” says Snake. “And it’s a happy ending - after all, Brad has always wanted kids and Aniston wasn’t coming through for him.”

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