Everybody Works Hard, Right?

By Juho Tunkelo
The Lazy Way to Success

You know what typically happens when you talk to some poster-boy success story and ask about how they originally made their breakthrough?

After some prodding, every successful person VERY reluctantly, uncomfortably admits:

"I just happened to meet the right people..."
"I got some lucky breaks when I needed them..."
"I was just in the right place at the right time..."

Why are they embarrassed to admit this?
Because they don't want to give the impression they didn't WORK for their success!

Everybody works hard, right? That's a given.
Nope, so sorry. WRONG.

Those who are living a life of continous success don't work. At all. EVER.

They would never admit it, because after all they DO a lot any given day. But the difference that matters is, they enjoy doing it!

Why do they enjoy it so much? Because they are so successful at it!

Can you see the kind of perpetual success this creates?

So what do you need to get started on YOUR success? You need to commit to it. To your success, to your goal, to your very quest.

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