Gaining Respect and Appreciation Using The Ancient Laws of the Universe

By Nikola Grubisa and Boris Vene

You can influence others to feel and sometimes even do things you want -- without words.

How does it work?

Simply -- when another person approaches you and is open, he or she will "tune into" your energy state, especially if your energy is strong and determined and if that person trusts you, as you will see in continuation.

In the next step, this energy will begin to resonate with him.

The consequence?

He will begin to feel it. Further, he will "listen to it" and even move his consciousness into that energy. (Whatever you are engaged in, your consciousness will gradually move into.)

What does it mean to move your consciousness into a specific energy?

It means that you gradually concentrate and focus your thoughts, feelings, activities and perceptions around that energy.

So whatever you feel, do, think, etc. will have to match that energy. And because this energy (or vibration) acts as a filter, whatever comes in has to go through it; likewise, whatever comes out of you has to match its rules -- so your life is strictly limited to a those perceptions that match this vibration -- and everything else doesn't even touch you, much less influence you.

Just like a radio that you tune to a specific frequency -- you only hear "that" frequency and all other frequencies, those they exist in the universe, simply don't exist at that moment.

By expressing the "energy of respect," the other one resonates with you (at that certain vibration). The more and stronger he resonates, the more his consciousness drops into the energy of respect.

For the other person -- he feels the energy as his own energy! He probably won't know what happened and why (or even when), he will only feel the strong energy of respect.

Because you are standing in front of him, he will direct, most likely, this energy of respect toward you.

If this new state of energy is not this person's usual state, -- then they may feel strange, so it could happen that they won't want to express that energy toward you.

To summarize: whatever energy you are in, you will see and awaken that same energy in others (according to the Law of Resonance), because it works as a kind of magnet. In addition, other people --if they remain open -- will take on your energy when they are near you.

While they remain open, they will see and appeal to you according to the energy you express: because they now feel it like their own energy, they speak out of it.

What happens if they are not open, and therefore cannot resonate with you? Simply -- they will "feel you" from their own patterns and through their own filters.

The strange thing is, some of them will put a negative label on that and will have nothing to do with you; which happens in cases where they feel you through their own energy and remain closed -- so whatever they think they feel about you, they are really just feeling their own energy.

This means, it doesn't matter who stands in front of them, they will always feel their own patterns.

Can you apply this powerful knowledge to your sales activities? It can be crucial for someone to realize and understand that people often feel themselves and act out of their own vibration. Sometimes we can influence them -- if they are "open" and ready to accept us -- and sometimes just not -- no matter what.

Knowing this should protect you from feeling offended or angry when they tell you something you don't like! Even more -- understanding this means that whatever they do it need not disturb you and you can therefore remain in your (higher) vibration.

Understanding the process will help you understand it with compassion and even forgive them.

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