How to Change Your Life While You Sleep

Source: The Law of Attraction Mastermind
A couple of years ago my colleague Jason (of the Law of Attraction Mastermind) taught a simple technique to his Silva Ultramind students so they could bypass Subconscious Resistances and help manifest whatever they wanted. He had been using it personally for several years by that time.HERE'S WHERE IT GETS SORT OF WEIRDOK - the students began using it faithfully, BUT GET THIS...A few of them MISUNDERSTOOD his instructions and ADDED something to the technique. Shortly thereafter those same students began to have BETTER, albeit very EERIE, results.
Strangers would appear seemingly out of nowhere to provide help... and then disappear without a trace.
Creditors would call and forgive debts for no reason at all.Money seemed to appear out of nowhere.
Illnesses dissolved like they had never existed.
People would inexplicably fall in love with them, though they just met.
Naturally, he modified how he taught the technique to incorporate their "Eerie Mistake."TAKES LESS THAN 30 MINUTES TO LEARNThe EERIE Technique, as it's now called, takes less than 30 minutes to learn and can be applied TONIGHT as you drift off to sleep.
Jason has just posted a 28 minute video detailing the whole technique, and it’s entirely free. Click here to watch the video...

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