Master Switchwords for Creating Wealth

By Shunyam Nirav

What is a "discount?"
When an amount of money is decreased.

What's the opposite of a discount,
when an amount of money is increased?
A "count," of course.

In a word, the essence of all moneymaking is COUNT. Whenever any individual or company makes money, at some point in the process, a COUNTing happens: COUNTing of hours worked and/or products sold, and the amount of money received in exchange. Banks store money in acCOUNTs; financial record-keepers are acCOUNTants; retail shops have check-out COUNTers where customers give money for their purchases.

Declare this essence of money-making, COUNT, either once as a switch or repeated as a chant (silently or aloud), and inevitably you will soon be watching yourself make money.

"Recently, I had a shortage of cash flow, for various reasons; an interruption that was beginning to get uncomfortable. I used COUNT consciously for about a week; and last week, we received a $19,700 USD offer to settle a dispute out of the blue. This issue was going on for YEARS, and had much emotional attachment as it involved people very close to us. We had no expectation that it would appear when it did. But it did.” --Sandra Fieger, St. Vincent, Caribbean,

A good way to get acquainted with the switchword COUNT is to silently repeat it throughout your activities for an entire day, and watch what happens ... something will! This can be fun, since COUNT is unspecific and the results are often surprising.

When I declare or chant COUNT silently or aloud, often I will soon see and pick up a coin on a street or sidewalk...even a small coin qualifies as a COUNT! (It’s also an indicator for me that COUNT is working.) When I then persist in affirming, declaring, and/or chanting COUNT, substantial income always happens. For example, I have gotten new jobs, started new profitable businesses and careers, made thousands in the stock market, observed sudden increases in business activity and income, received large financial gifts and donations from relatives and friends, written and sold many books, received royalties for commercial use of my photographs, played music and received tips and fees, and many more.

Basically you could just silently chant COUNT often until all your financial goals have manifested in physical reality!

"I repeated the word COUNT and within 48 hours I had generated $800 with my business that had been looking at some very dark days of lacking." --Jan Sydnam, Texas, USA

That is one way to use COUNT -- just affirm or chant it often silently and/or aloud, and watch what happens.

The other way is to specify a financial goal and apply COUNT to it. For example, if you want to earn or receive 10,000 Euros, affirm or declare often "10,000 Euros COUNT" until it is a physical reality in your life.

Building a Fortune with Switchwords

Using the switchword COUNT, you make money through measuring (COUNTing) the exchange of goods or services. Another closely related switchword, FIND, "to build a fortune," is about accumulation rather than measurement. Chant or declare FIND silently or aloud, and watch yourself FIND valuable things! You definitely can FIND money, but you may also FIND many other things of value (which may or may not be convertible to money). For financial increase, experiment with both COUNT and FIND.

"Money occurs to poor people as something you have (or don’t have).
Money occurs to middle-class people as something you do (like a job).
Money occurs to wealthy people as something you ARE."

(paraphrased from Werner Erhard in The est Training, 1973)

Money does not exist in Nature on its own, like a bird, tree, or rock; it is entirely an invention of human thought, to facilitate the exchange of goods and services among people in an orderly, convenient, and balanced way. As such, the way money shows up in your life is highly influenced by your thoughts.

However, since money is a social phenomenon, it also necessarily always exists in the physical universe in some form (paper, plastic, metals, or tiny electromagnetic impulses in a computer).

Therefore, to deliberately create financial income, four basic elements are always necessary: 1) deliberate creative thought, 2) interaction with other people, 3) moving things around in the physical universe, and 4) time. Switchwords can facilitate your mastery of all of these elements.

As always, I recommend primarily using one-word switchwords, especially for beginners -- it’s the most easy, simple, focused, and effective way. Nevertheless, I have found some useful combinations of switchwords for financial increase. The most important are TOGETHER-COUNT and TOGETHER-FIND: to be in a together state while making money or building a fortune; to "have it all together" financially; to make money with a group of people; to ensure that your money-making and fortune-building activities are ethical, harmonious, enjoyable, and beneficial to yourself and others.

Please do not underestimate the power and capabilities of these simple word combinations; frequently declaring, affirming, or chanting TOGETHER-COUNT and TOGETHER-FIND can eventually give you such a satisfying and wonderful life and financial situation that you cannot imagine anything better for yourself -- you already have it all right now!

Nevertheless, sometimes you may FIND it worthwhile to utilize the...

Switchwords for Financial Miracles

DIVINE-COUNT: for money miracles; for extraordinary financial results that reasonably would seem impossible. (I have a friend who works in a retail shop in Hawaii, and makes most of her money through sales commissions. After hearing about DIVINE-COUNT from me, she recently tried chanting it silently throughout her work day. In a normal good day in that shop she makes about $50 in commissions; on that day she made $170!)

TOGETHER-DIVINE-COUNT: excellent for a team or group or company that wants to accomplish extraordinary financial results together

TOGETHER-DivineORDER-COUNT: same as above, but when more order in the situation is called for (as in a company recovering from bankruptcy, for instance; or when building a new company)

DivineORDER-COUNT: good for cleaning up financial messes; putting your financial affairs in order; cleaning and organizing your office, computer, and files; doing bookkeeping or accounting; preparing taxes; or constructing and operating business activities

FINDIVINE: this is a fun one! walk around silently chanting FINDIVINE for a day (or a year) and watch what miraculous good fortune happens in your life! :-)

FINDIVINEORDERCOUNT: a new experimental composite switchword combining the ideas of miraculous good fortune, optimum order and form, and making money

You can find an advanced long combination of switchwords for great financial increase on page 166 of the SWITCHWORDS e-book.

Switchwords for Increasing Sales, Eliminating Debt, and Being Generous

Some other switchwords related to finances are GIVE, CANCEL, and MAGNANIMITY.

GIVE is the switchword for selling. Whenever you sell anything to anyone, you GIVE them the object and they GIVE you money in exchange. GIVE is the essential activity. So whenever you want to sell anything -- declare, affirm, or silently chant GIVE. Or use DIVINE-GIVE for miraculous or extraordinary sales results. If you’re working with a team, frequently silently affirm or chant TOGETHER-GIVE, TOGETHER-DIVINE-GIVE, or TOGETHER-DIVINE-GIVE-COUNT for extraordinary sales team results!

CANCEL is a very useful and important switchword for disappearing anything you don’t want in your life, thoughts, or experience (it will be the subject of a future article in this series). One of its uses is to eliminate debt. The essence of eliminating a debt is that it becomes CANCELed. So affirm, declare, or chant CANCEL towards any unwanted debts you may have, and they will in due time become actually CANCELed. Usually this happens through returning the borrowed money (COUNT!) -- but it can also happen through voluntary CANCELing of the debt by the lender, through barter of goods or services, or through other creative solutions (REACH). For a group, family, company, or nation the variations of TOGETHER-CANCEL, TOGETHER-DIVINE-CANCEL, or TOGETHER-DivineORDER-CANCEL can be useful.

MAGNANIMITY is the switchword for being generous. James T. Mangan, the discoverer of switchwords, suggested that MAGNANIMITY would be an excellent motto to put on coins and currency. Since the more you give, the more you receive, MAGNANIMITY is a superb switchword and motto for creating and maintaining prosperity -- not only for nations but for businesses, organizations, families, and for your individual life!

Experiment with the energies and results of all these financial switchwords, and invent new useful combinations, as you wish. (The E-Group is a good place to share about your FINDings with others.)

Switchwords are scientific creativity tools which, like a screwdriver or a shovel, don’t require any belief on your part for them to work. Just try using them and watch the results.

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