Mind Control for the Bailout Blues

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Well… the big bail out didn’t work and now everyone is freaking out. Goes to show the effect of bad judgment. We collectively get to see what the proverbial "ripple effect" looks like on a global perspective. It’s not just about us any more.

If you haven’t noticed, we are all playing in the same sand box. In USA Today the headline on the front page says, "As fear, panic spread, global markets dive."

Japan’s Nikkei stock average plummeted, Russia, France, UK and Germany felt the hit too. If we don’t get a measure of discipline, we are all going to spiral out of control.

Here’s a suggestion to keep you rowing in the midst of the tidal waves:

Get Control of Your Mind

It’s time to throw in a dash of discipline with some good old mind control. Letting your thoughts go haywire with future predictions, worry and doom and gloom only add to the global misery as is evident in the front page of every major magazine.

Here are 5 Mind Mistakes to Avoid in Tough Times

Mind Mistake #1
I have the right to worry.

You do have the right to worry but it is a mistake to take advantage of this option.The reason is worry doesn’t contribute to the solution. Worry can make you sick and worry breeds more negativity. Already USA Today reports stress is up 50-60%, irritability is at an all time high and fatigue and sleeplessness is reaching an all time high as well. Getting SICK does not solve your problem… it only makes it worse.

Mind Mistake #2
This is all the Government’s fault.

While it’s easy to cast blame and point fingers, there is a bigger picture to observe. All of us have a responsibility to select representatives to our government who look out for our best interests. The more personal responsibility we are individually ready to assume, the less likely we will be faced with these kinds of problems. Each person must take this situation as a wake up call to be more alert and pro-active. We are all in this together.

Mind Mistake #3
I can’t help how I feel.

Although unwanted circumstances influence how you feel, you can shift how you feel. On a physical level, to feel your very best you must take care of yourself, eat healthy, exercise, and get your sleep. On a mental or emotional level you must master your mindset.

Emotions are the body’s reaction to the mind. Your thoughts trigger your emotions, not the other way around. Thought always comes first. Most people are just unaware of their thoughts. The only thing you ever totally have control over is your own sense of well-being. Ultimately you are responsible for your feelings.

Mind Mistake #4
There is One Ultimate Right Decision.

Why are so many of us rushing to make someone wrong? Every time someone disagrees with the other side, fingers start pointing and tongues start wagging. It’s all drama. Our country was built around the option to voice different opinions. We should all be more concerned about mob mentality. Let’s support those working on our behalf and lets look for blind spots in ourselves and others who are too quick to have the final answer.

Mind Mistake #5
When this is finally over I can be at peace.

You don’t have to wait to be peaceful. You can be peaceful right now. You can practice releasing in each moment. Gary Zukav says "Stress is the consequence of resistance to your life." When we resist what is, we create more stress. When you relax into acceptance, you can then reclaim your peace.

Eckhart Tolle says, "Listen to people’s stories, and you’ll find that they could all be entitled "Why I Cannot Be at Peace Now." The ego doesn’t know that your only opportunity for being at peace is now."

Take a deep breath. Take control. Ride the storm. Get present. “The Drama Stops Here.”

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