Plans to build a Mind Reading Machine are underway

India Daily

Brain scanning methods are in use to image the pattern of brain activities that can show what the brain was looking at or focusing at.

Classified experiments are on to develop an universal mind reading machine. The specification of the process is clear while the actual making of the computer model is the most complex task human civilization will ever challenge to decipher.

Dr John-Dylan Haynes of the UCL Institute of Neurology, the leading researcher, said: "What we need to do now is create something like speech-recognition software, and look at which parts of the brain are specifically active in a person."

He said the study's findings proved the principle that fMRI scans could "read thoughts". According to sources from various advanced countries including China and India, Universal Mind Reading Machines are on the drawing board if not in fabricating shop.

The biggest challenge in Mind Reading Machine design is the capability to capture the emanating thoughts and telepathy type silent electromagnetic communication between minds several thousands of miles apart. The electromagnetic waves of special nature are able to communicate creaking the physical barrier of out three dimensional physical universe and float into the higher dimensional phenomena.

Conventional scientists say their study proves brain scans do relate to brain cell electrical activity. According to scientists working under the clout of classified projects, that is not enough. That is just the start. Actual modeling of human mind is way tougher than ever imagines. It is possible that every mind is connected to the other though invisible spatial of higher dimension.

If that cannot be modeled, we will one day create a machine that read human minds superficially but not really. A thought-reading" computer cannot solve the puzzle of the mind. That is why scientists and engineers working on classified projects of creating the mind reading machine are planning to first unveil the interconnection of minds through invisible spatial from higher dimensions.

Source: India Daily

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